Custom Temporary Tattoos: 32 Mind-Blowing Designs Images

Love to accessorize? Go and get custom temporary tattoos. Ah! don’t be amazed! These days Custom temporary tattoos are as popular as regular permanent tattoos. There is a growing number of people across the world who appreciate this art and eagerly looks forward to be inked with magnificent tattoo designs. But there are many who

Calla Lily Tattoos: 36 Magnificent Designs Ideas Images

Hello, and Welcome visitors! I am Niance. I would like to introduce this gallery featuring some of the best calla lily tattoos to satisfy your curiosity towards finding meaning, designs and historical significance of call lily flower. Initially, i am hugely inspired by splendid tattoo artwork that encourages me to do extensive research with my

Tattoos For Men: 93 Incredible Designs & Ideas Images Gallery

As a tattoo gallery website we get hundreds of requests from our male readers about creative tattoo ideas for men including half sleeves, quotes, full arm sleeves, shoulder, side of body, small size tattoos and thousands of other types as well. So we decided to create gallery on our website that id dedicated to all

Collar Bone Tattoos: 52 Outstanding Designs Ideas

Tattoo art form is one of the oldest and it has been around for hundreds of years. With time creativity of tattoo artists has evolved but the permanence of tattoo art is just about the same as it was always. In recent past tattoo designs have become extremely popular, especially amongst the youth. It has

Best Owl Tattoo Designs Art

A beautiful drawn owl bird tattoo is all you need if you are looking for bird tattoo inked on your body. Take a look at this beautiful owl tattoo in the above posted image. The depth of ink work done in owl’s eyes is simply amazing. This tattoo is inked on inner part of his

Dragon Tail Tattoo Designs

Generally Dragon Tail Tattoo Designs are inked on back or shoulder areas because they are big in size and takes lot of body space to do the design properly. For your inspiration Dragon Tail Tattoo Design idea in the image above. This is a perfect dragon tail tattoo concept for men.

Tall Ship Tattoo Designs

Tall or small ship tattoos they all look beautiful. If you are a fisher-man or working in merchant navy field you can always go for a nicely designed Tall Ship Tattoo because you can relate with it. Have a look at this ominous looking Tall Ship Tattoo Design in the image above. Superb, isn’t it?

Ribbon Heart Tattoos

For those who are looking for Ribbon Heart Tattoo designs that is simple, clean and elegant looking, we have found this beautiful Ribbon Heart Tattoo idea as you can see in the above posted image. This is definitely one of my favorite heart tattoo concepts for sure.

Ribbon Cross Tattoos

Are you looking for beautiful looking Ribbon Cross Tattoo designs and ideas that you can imprint on your body? Well, generally you can see a cross covered with a red or pink ribbon around it and with flowers in a tattoo design. Just like that take a look at this alluring Ribbon Cross Tattoo design

Forearm Tattoos Ideas For Men

There are several creative and unique Forearm Tattoos Ideas For Men you can find online these days. For your inspiration we have posted this beautiful forearm tattoo picture which could be a great option for men. It is quite simple and elegant looking idea which is why we have posted it in out “Men Tattoos”

Forearm Star Tattoos

Shooting or falling stars tattoo designs are so common these days in both men and women. I recently stumbled upon this amazing Blue Forearm Star Tattoo design as you can see in the aforementioned image. This a brilliant tattoo idea for those who want star tattoos on their forearms or wrist area.

Forearm Name Tattoos

Name tattoo designs are generally a combination of background graphics with letters but the center point of the tattoo design is always the “Text or letters”. For example take a look at this brilliantly designed Forearm Name Tattoo in the picture above. This a nice example of how creative fonts can be used in letter